Legislation (2015 Bills)

HB 2773 Provides that any right to sue or to appeal or other judicial review related to public charter schools or provided by other law may not be waived by contract.

HB 2782 Exempts claims based on conduct that constitutes child abuse, or conduct that constitutes knowingly allowing, permitting or encouraging child abuse, from notice requirement of Oregon Tort Claims Act.

SB 15 Provides that court may not issue warrant or impose sanction of confinement for contempt that results from defendant's failure to comply with judgment debtor examination or written interrogatories.

SB 19 Establishes joint and several liability for person that aids or abets employer, contractor or subcontractor in violating certain wage rate statutes.

SB 316 Prohibits service provider from disclosing contents of communication and certain other information except in certain circumstances.

SB 341 Provides that agri-tourism provider is not liable for injury to or death of participant arising out of inherent risks of agri-tourism if agri-tourism provider posts certain notices.

SB 347 Increases amount of noneconomic damages that may be awarded in civil action seeking damages arising out of bodily injury.

SB 351 Extends statute of limitations from 10 years to 12 years for action for recovery of real property or for recovery of possession of real property.

SB 353 Increases statute of limitations from 10 to 12 years for causes of action with no specified statute of limitations.

SB 354 Increases amount of penalties available to owner of certain stolen items in civil action against adult or emancipated minor who stole items.

SB 355 Increases time during which person can file action to preserve claim before running of statute of limitations and be exempt from claim for wrongful use of civil proceeding.

SB 373 Provides that party or attorney may make only one motion to disqualify judge in cause, matter or proceeding in judicial district with three or fewer circuit court judges.

SB 383 Modifies pleading requirements for claims against design professionals.

SB 401 Changes procedure for award of damages in class action.

SB 409 Repeals $500,000 limit on noneconomic damages recoverable in wrongful death actions and other statutorily created causes of action.

SB 411 Requires insurer to pay claims up to maximum coverage under policy of uninsured motorist coverage based on insured's total damages for personal injuries, less amounts recovered from other motor vehicle liability insurance policies.

SB 423 Directs Water Resources Commission to study issue of standing in lawsuits relating to water.

SB 425 Provides that crime victim may bring civil action for negligence against member of State Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision in certain circumstances.

SB 466 Authorizes court, as part of settlement or judgment in class action, to approve process for payment of damages.

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